Indefinite Articles

Articoli indeterminativi

Introduction Introduzione
Indefinite articles are words that are used to indicate nouns that are not particular or identifiable by the listener. In English, the words “a” and “some” are used in the singular and plural cases respectively.

For singular noun, Italian uses indefinite articles in a similar way to English, but unlike English they must match the gender of the nouns they describe.

The indefinite article for plural nouns, which in English would translate as "some", in Italian are actually contractions with the preposition di + the definite article. Some scholars do not consider these indefinite articles at all, but they are important to note because the most natural translation for them is as "some".
Play un
Play una
Play dei
Play degli
some before vowel, or /z/ or /s/ + consonant
Play delle
Phrases Proposizioni
Play un ragazzo
a boy
Play una ragazza
a girl
Play un uomo
a man
Play una donna
a woman
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