What are the easy ways to understand and speak Korean language?

안녕하세요, 영이에요. Hi guys! My name is Young, and I am your tutor! Today, I’d like to answer the question “What are the easy ways to understand and speak Korean language?” well.. First thing first, you need to know Hangul in order to read first right? While learning Hangul, you can together learn how to say basic things in Korean by using romanization letters to pronounce. I can give you some tips on how to learn Korean optimally. Based on my experience, I think we have to do our best to expose ourselves to the language we are learning. first, learning should be fun, for example, you can watch Korean drama or movies or if you like listening to music, listen to some Korean songs to get used to the sound of Hangul. second, talk with a native speaker like me. you can use language exchange website or application to find Korean people to talk with. And you can use this website to ask me questions like this and I will answer all of the inquiries that you have in mind. but I recommend you have a private tutor because you get to commit yourself more since you are paying and for better consistency. Third, make a habit of surrounding yourself with Korean language. For example, you can talk to youself in Korean and think in Korean. even if you don't speak well, try to speak or think just in words. forth, try to read Korean books. because reading is the best way to improve fluency. you can start from children's book based on your level. I will leave a link in the transcription box to access free Korean books. You can also check out my YouTube channel, there I read Korean books to practice listening and reading at the same time. These tips were from my own experience. and based on my foreign friends who speak Korean very well, they learned mostly from watching Korean dramas! To sum up, there is no easy way to learn anything in the world. You have to commit yourself to learn optimally. And that’s why there are teachers for, right? And self-study is also very important. Firstly try to think of why you want to learn the language and plan daily for your studying, and just follow even 10 minutes a day. Start small and don’t forget to be consistent. I am always here to help, and if you want to learn more with me please book the lesson! Thanks for watching this video, see you then! bye!


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