Is there a difference between the language of South Korean and North Korea?

Hello Everyone, maybe this is the first question I got from the Polly Ambassadors. So, here is the question form Hannah Rama, Is there a difference between the language of South and North Korea? Well, first of all, I am a south korean, and sure, there is a obvious difference between the languages. OF course we both use Korean, and we can communicate each other. However, some words are different, and the accent is different. In South Korea, we adopt many words from English. For example, we call the database, 데이터베이스. But North Korea use 자료지기 instead of it. 자료 means data, 지기 means maybe base. We call the air conditioner as 에어컨, and North korean call it as 랭풍기. Also, they use 동무, to call each other that means friend, and this habit is derived from socialism which is adopted in North Korea. In South Korea, we call others by their name, Amy 씨, or Amy 님. For the accent, actually, I had never seen nor heard them before in face-to-face because we are still divided, so I have never heard the real accent of North Korean. But I saw it in the Korean movie with topic related to the North Korea. Well, but I’m gonna try it. So, I miss you mom. South Korean say, 엄마 보고싶어요. and North Korean say, 오마니 보고싶습네다. That’s it. for more question, dear my students, please book the private session, Okay? Bye~


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