Why does Korean have two sets of numbers? Native and Chinese?

Hi, everyone! This is Amy. I did my haircut. I'm here to answer to Savanna's question, "Why does Korean have two sets of numbers, native and chinese." Yeah, we have two sets of numbers. The first one is, "하나hana, 둘dul, 셋set, 넷net, 다섯da-seot, 여섯yeo-seot, 일곱il-gob, 여덟yeo-deolp, 아홉ahop, 열yeol". This is the native way. and then, "일il, 이yi, 삼sam, 사sa, 오o, 육yuk, 칠chil, 팔pal, 구gu, 십sib", This is the chinese way. I'm not fluent in Chinese, but I've learn Chinese a little in the high school. They have very similar pronunciation, (yi, er, san, si, wu, liu, chi, ba, jiu, si".


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