What is a glottal stop?

안녕하세요, 영이에요. Hi guys! My name is Young, and I am your tutor !. Today, I’d like to answer the question ‘’what is a glottal stop’ so this question was from probably consonant ‘ㅇ’. Ok let me explain. Glottal stop is One of the consonants that is a burst sound which is articulated in the gate. Technically its where the vocal folds come together stop the breath therefore stop the sound and then suddenly release Like 어 오 like with t in british english such as butter , water. In Korean, It may appear unconscious when you pronounce a consonant that does not officially exist in Korean or a word with a consonant 'ㅇ'. For example. 일, number 1 This is not very important to learn Hangul. So just know that 이응 sounds like ng. And lets practice more using 이응. 영 this is my name but a lot of Koreans have this letter in their names for example, 영미 or 미영/ 영기/ 영수/ 영희 응 - means yes in korean informal, in formal is 네 안녕하세요 hello in formal 안녕! In informal And 알았어 okay in informal 알았어요 okay formal In Korean, if you see 요 at the end of sentence, you will notice it is 존댓말 which is formal speech. Are you more familiar with consonant 이응 now? Thanks for watching this video, and if you want to learn more with me, please book the lesson. See you then! bye


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