Possessive Pronouns

Os Pronomes Possessivos



The lessons Possessives I and Possessives II show how to use possessives as adjectives attached to nouns. These are the equivalents of “my”, “your”, “their”, etc.

To use possessives as pronouns, which are equivalent to “mine”, “yours”, “theirs”, you simply add the appropriate definite article to the beginning:

   É meu cão.
   It is my dog.

   É o meu.
   He is mine.
Singular First-person
Play o meu
mine masculine
Play os teus
yours masculine
Play a tua
yours feminine
Play o do senhor
yours masculine formal
Play os da senhora
hers yours masculine formal
Play o seu
his hers masculine yours formal
Plural First-person
Play a nossa
ours feminine
Play as da gente
ours feminine Brazil
Play o vosso
yours masculine
Play a de vocês
you alls feminine

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