Contractions are shortened versions of words or word groups created by the omission of a sound or letters. These words often serve to maintain a more flowing pronunciation of the language. In English "don't" and "can't" are two examples.



Play nas
on the feminine plural
Play na
on the feminine singular
Play à
to the feminine singular
Play de vocês
you alls possessive
Play da senhora
your feminine formal possessive Brazil
Play do senhor
your masculine formal possessive Brazil
Play da gente
our possessive Brazil
Play ao
to the masculine singular
Play prò
for the masculine singular to the
Play dele
his possessive
Play pràs
for the feminine plural to the
Play prà
for the feminine singular to the
Play delas
their feminine possessive
Play deles
their masculine possessive
Play dela
her possessive
Play pròs
for the masculine plural to the
Play às
to the feminine plural
Play aos
to the masculine plural
Play desse
of that masculine
Play pelo
by the masculine singular
Play das
of the feminine plural
Play nuns
on some masculine
Play desses
of those masculine
Play da
of the feminine singular
Play num
on a masculine
Play pelas
for them feminine by the feminine plural
Play pelos
for them masculine by the masculine plural
Play numas
on some feminine
Play dos
of the masculine plural
Play do
of the masculine singular
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