Genitive Prepositions

Предлоги, родительный падеж

Vocabulary Словарь
Play без
Play вне
outside of
Play вместо
instead of
Play вокруг
about around
Play около
Play до
Play для
Play из
outside of of from
Play изо
outside of of from
Play из-за
from behind
Play из-под
from below
Play кроме
except for
Play мимо
past (movement)
Play от
away from off
Play ото
away from off
Play после
Play среди
Play против
versus across from
Play близ
close near
Play вдоль
Play возле
by near
Play с
down from
Play со
down from
Play внутри
within inside
Play ради
for the sake of
Play накануне
on the eve
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