Verbs convey actions, occurances, or states of being. They conjugate and combine with other verbs based on person, tense, mood and aspect. In English, verbs like "run" and "be" are two examples.



Play гулять
to walk
Play пить
to drink
Play держать
to keep
Play смотреть
to watch
Play Получить
to receive
Play шить
to sew
Play Делить
to share
Play дышать
to breathe
Play Лечить
to give treatment to treat to attend to
Play жить
to live
Play почить
to rest
Play Врать
to lie
Play брить
to shave
Play Ждать
to wait
Play лить
to pour
Play слышать
to hear
Play вить
to build to construct
Play стелить
to lay to put
Play писать
to write
Play гнить
to rot
Play бить
to beat
Play Знать
to know
Play Стирать
to wash to clear to do laundry
Play зависеть
to depend
Play краснеть
to blush
Play обидеть
to offend
Play Гнать
to chase
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