Prepositions express spatial, temporal or conceptual relations relations between two objects. In English words like "with" and "for" are two examples.

They can also be referred to as adpositions, because not all languages place prepositions before the object (hence pre).



Play к
towards dative to dative
Play в
at prepositional in prepositional to accusative inside of accusative
Play о
about prepositional alongside accusative against accusative
Play по
along dative according to dative upon dative as far as accusative up to accusative
Play на
on prepositional in prepositional at prepositional to accusative on top of accusative
Play внутри
within genitive inside genitive
Play без
without genitive
Play вокруг
about genitive around genitive
Play под
under accusative beneath instrumental under instrumental
Play из
outside of genitive of genitive from genitive
Play за
for accusative behind instrumental after instrumental
Play мимо
past (movement) genitive
Play близ
close genitive near genitive
Play из-за
from behind genitive
Play возле
by genitive near genitive
Play для
for genitive
Play изо
outside of before awkward consonant cluster genitive of genitive from genitive
Play вместо
instead of genitive
Play до
until genitive
Play вдоль
along genitive
Play ото
away from genitive off genitive
Play об
about before vowel prepositional
Play ко
towards dative to before awkward consonant cluster dative
Play обо
about before awkward consonant cluster prepositional
Play со
down from before awkward consonant cluster genitive with before awkward consonant cluster instrumental
Play при
in the presence of prepositional in times of prepositional on one's person prepositional
Play из-под
from below genitive
Play ради
for the sake of genitive
Play благодаря
thanks to dative
Play вне
outside of genitive
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