Introduction: Taiwanda Bason

I'm Taiwanda Bason, the Border Breaking Specialist of I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Teaching and Learning with Technology. I also have a 120 hour TEFL Certificate. I've been a teacher more than 10 years teaching Special Education in the USA and English as a Second Language in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Peru. I traveled for 7 years, visiting 11 countries, living in 4. Whether you want to improve your English or learn about other countries' cultures, I can help you with that. I know each student is different. Therefore, it's important to me to get to know a bit about you and why you want to improve your English so that I can help you learn the best way possible. Plus, I believe when you enjoy yourself, you will remember what you study better. That's why I like to make learning fun. So, be ready to have FUN and LAUGH!



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