Conditional Mood

Le mode conditionnel



One of the easier conjugation forms to learn, the conditional mood for the most part simply adds ~ais, ~ait, ~ions, ~iez, and ~ient to the infinitive of the verb or the infinitive minus the final "e".

In the case of ~oir verbs, it adds the suffixes, plus "r", to the infinitive minus the final ~oir.

The conditional mood is used in situations similar to when you use would in English to refer to potential events.

Je voudrais parler, si elle le demande.
I would talk, if she asked.

Il mangeait, car il mange tout.
He would eat it, because he eats everything.

Be careful to note however, that the "would" in these examples is referring to potential events such as "it would happen". The equivalent to using "would" as a habitual past event - as in "he would go after school everyday" - is the imperfect tense.



Play parler
to speak to talk
Play aller
to go
Play partir
to go out to leave
Play vendre
to sell

Verb Conjugations

La conjugaison des verbes

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