Days of the Week

Jours de la semaine



Play lundi
monday Monday
Play mardi
tuesday Tuesday
Play mercredi
wednesday Wednesday
Play jeudi
thursday Thursday
Play vendredi
friday Friday
Play samedi
saturday Saturday
Play dimanche
sunday Sunday
Play jour
Play semaine
Play aujourd'hui
Play demain
Play hier
Play la nuit dernière
last night


Les phrases

Play Quel jour il est ?
What day is today?
Play Quel jour on est demain ?
What day is tomorrow?
Play Aujourd'hui c'est mercredi.
Today is Wednesday
Play Hier c'était mardi.
Yesterday was Tuesday
Play Hier c'était samedi.
Yesterday was Saturday
Play Qu'est ce que tu fais ce weekend ?
What are you doing this weekend? informal
Play Que faites-vous ce weekend ?
What are you doing this weekend? formal
Play Il y a une fête samedi.
There is a party Saturday
Play Il y a une fête vendredi.
There is a party Friday
Play Je rentre demain.
Tomorrow I'm going back.
Play Je rentre mercredi.
Wednesday I'm going back.
Play Je rentre jeudi.
Thursday I'm going back.
Play Mon vol est mardi
My flight is on Tuesday.
Play Mon vol est lundi
My flight is on Monday.
Play Son vol est lundi
His flight is on Monday.
Play Tu es arrivé(e) vendredi ?
Did you arrive Friday?
Play Tu es arrivé(e) jeudi ?
Did you arrive Thursday?
Play Tu es arrivé(e) hier ?
Did you arrive yesterday?
Play Tu es arrivé(e) la nuit dernière ?
Did you arrive last night?

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