Verbs convey actions, occurances, or states of being. They conjugate and combine with other verbs based on person, tense, mood and aspect. In English, verbs like "run" and "be" are two examples.



Play spielen
to act to play
Play hören
to listen to hear
Play erhalten
to obtain to receive to get
Play anfangen
to begin, start
Play warten
to wait
Play gehen
to go
Play bauen
to build
Play frühstücken
to have breakfast
Play werden
to become
Play abend essen
to have dinner to dine
Play essen
to eat
Play regnen
to rain
Play kosten
to cost
Play enden
to finish to end
Play sein
to be
Play arbeiten
to work
Play trinken
to drink
Play sagen
to tell to say
Play geboren werden
to be born
Play Mittag essen
to lunch
Play denken
to think
Play gefallen
to be pleasing, like
Play bekommen
to get, receive
Play wissen
to know
Play helfen
to relieve to aid to assist to help
Play ändern
to vary to change
Play mögen
to like (to)
Play müssen
to be obliged (must)
Play können
to be possible can to be able
Play wollen
to want (resolve)
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