Prepositions express spatial, temporal or conceptual relations relations between two objects. In English words like "with" and "for" are two examples.

They can also be referred to as adpositions, because not all languages place prepositions before the object (hence pre).



Play für
for accusative
Play außerhalb
outside of genitive
Play durch
by accusative through accusative
Play außer
besides dative except for dative
Play auf
upon on to at
Play an
to on at
Play gegen
for accusative against accusative
Play entlang
down accusative along accusative
Play trotz
in spite of genitive despite genitive
Play neben
next to near beside
Play statt
instead of genitive
Play mit
by dative by means of dative with dative
Play nach
to dative after dative
Play bei
at dative nearby dative in the vicinity dative near dative
Play hinter
Play gegenüber
opposite dative across from dative
Play aus
out of dative from dative
Play innerhalb
inside of genitive
Play vor
ago before in front of
Play seit
for dative since dative
Play um
for accusative around accusative at accusative
Play über
over across above about
Play zwischen
Play zu
at dative to dative
Play während
in the course of genitive during genitive
Play wegen
due to genitive because of genitive
Play von
by (as in written) dative from dative of dative
Play ohne
without accusative
Play unter
among under
Play ausserhalb
outside of
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