Pronouns act as substitutes for nouns (or noun phrases) already understood by the context of the conversation. Like nouns they can serve as the subject of a clause or the object of a verb or preposition. In English words like "I", "him" and "hers" are some examples.



Play ich
I nominative personal
Play wir
we nominative personal
Play ihr
you all nominative personal her dative personal
Play er
he nominative personal
Play Sie
you nominative personal you accusative personal you all formal nominative personal you all formal accusative personal
Play es
it nominative personal it accusative personal
Play man
one nominative personal you impersonal nominative personal
Play Ihnen
you formal dative personal you all formal dative personal
Play seines
of his masculine genitive personal
Play seiner
of his feminine genitive personal
Play meiner
of my feminine genitive personal
Play meines
of my masculine genitive personal
Play eures
of you alls masculine informal genitive personal
Play deines
of your masculine informal genitive personal
Play Wer
who interrogative
Play ihrer
of her feminine genitive personal of their feminine genitive personal
Play ihres
of her masculine genitive personal of their masculine genitive personal
Play dieser
this demonstrative
Play Ihres
of your masculine formal genitive personal of you alls masculine formal genitive personal
Play deiner
of your feminine informal genitive personal
Play uns
us accusative personal us dative personal
Play euch
you all informal accusative personal you all informal dative personal
Play unses
of our masculine genitive personal
Play eurer
of you alls feminine informal genitive personal
Play Ihrer
of your feminine formal genitive personal of you alls feminine formal genitive personal
Play unser
of our feminine genitive personal
Play dir
you informal dative personal
Play ihnen
them dative personal
Play dich
you singular informal accusative personal
Play mich
me accusative personal
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