-er Verbs

Verbes en -er



Also called 1st conjugation, -er verbs are the most common type in French. With few exceptions such as aller, the conjugation for -er verbs are very regular.

Most new verbs in French belong to this group.



Play parler
to speak to talk
Play oublier
to neglect to forget
Play fermer
to shut to close
Play utiliser
to make use of to use
Play emmener
to drive to take
Play apporter
to manifest, exhibit to bear to bring
Play couper
to take away to blend to cut
Play inquiéter
to worry
Play voler
to rob to steal to fly
Play compter
to figure to score to count to compute
Play enseigner
to point out to teach
Play allumer
to light up to illuminate to turn on
Play annuler
to annul to cancel
Play donner
to give
Play chanter
to chant to sing
Play casser
to beat up to crack to give way to break
Play trouver
to find
Play poser
to fit to install to pose to put
Play expliquer
to explain
Play peigner
to brush to comb
Play danser
to dance
Play terminer
to end to finish
Play tomber
to subside to drop to fall
Play signer
to sign
Play réveiller
to arouse, revive to awaken to wake up
Play fumer
to smoke
Play penser
to think
Play dessiner
to design to draw
Play organiser
to organize
Play désirer
to desire to want
Play dépenser
to get exercise to spend
Play prêter
to loan to let borrow to load to lend
Play blesser
to cut, stab to hurt to offend to injure to wound
Play demander
to commission to command to order
Play travailler
to work
Play manger
to eat
Play regarder
to concern to look at to watch
Play écouter
to hear to listen
Play tousser
to cough
Play étudier
to study
Play jouer
to play
Play nager
to swim
Play changer
to turn to shift to alter to change
Play laver
to wash to clean

Verb Conjugations

La conjugaison des verbes

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