Les prépositions

Prepositions express spatial, temporal or conceptual relations relations between two objects. In English words like "with" and "for" are two examples.

They can also be referred to as adpositions, because not all languages place prepositions before the object (hence pre).



Play à
in at to
Play durant
Play avant
Play avec
Play au sujet de
concerning about
Play dans
within into in
Play dedans
indoors inside within in
Play après
next after
Play derrière
back after behind
Play en dehors
outside out
Play dessous
bottom beneath underneath
Play en haut
above top up
Play en face
Play au dessus
Play en bas
down below
Play devant
vis-a-vis ahead in front before
Play dehors
out outside
Play contre
versus against
Play depuis
from since
Play près de
nearly nearby near
Play suivant
per by according to following
Play jusqu'à
up to as far as to until
Play ensuite
next later then
Play par
via through per by
Play pour
to of for
Play sans
Play sur
upon over about on
Play a travers
Play entre
among between
Play vers
about towards to
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