Les pronoms

Pronouns act as substitutes for nouns (or noun phrases) already understood by the context of the conversation. Like nouns they can serve as the subject of a clause or the object of a verb or preposition. In English words like "I", "him" and "hers" are some examples.



Play vous
you all nominative personal you formal nominative personal you all accusative personal you formal accusative personal you all dative personal you dative personal you all disjunctive personal you formal disjunctive personal
Play elle
she nominative personal her disjunctive personal it feminine nominative personal it feminine disjunctive personal
Play nous
we nominative personal us accusative personal us dative personal us disjunctive personal
Play il
he nominative personal it masculine nominative personal
Play elles
them feminine accusative personal them feminine disjunctive personal they feminine nominative personal
Play ce
it impersonal nominative demonstrative this nominative demonstrative that nominative demonstrative
Play on
one nominative personal you impersonal nominative personal
Play ils
they masculine nominative personal they neuter nominative personal
Play le
him accusative personal it masculine accusative personal
Play les
them accusative personal
Play la
her accusative personal it feminine accusative personal
Play celui
this one masculine oblique demonstrative that one masculine oblique demonstrative
Play leur
them dative personal
Play en
of it dative personal of them dative personal about it dative personal about them dative personal any dative personal some dative personal
Play que
what nominative interrogative
Play me
me accusative personal me dative personal myself accusative personal
Play ça
it nominative demonstrative this nominative demonstrative that informal nominative demonstrative
Play se
himself dative personal herself dative personal itself dative personal oneself dative personal
Play lui
him dative personal her dative personal him disjunctive personal it dative personal it masculine disjunctive personal
Play qui
who interrogative whom interrogative
Play quoi
what disjunctive interrogative
Play moi
me disjunctive personal I disjunctive personal myself disjunctive personal
Play lequel
which one interrogative
Play te
you informal accusative personal you informal dative personal
Play ceux
these ones masculine oblique demonstrative those ones masculine oblique demonstrative
Play celle
this one feminine oblique demonstrative that one feminine oblique demonstrative
Play eux
them masculine disjunctive personal
Play celles
these ones feminine oblique demonstrative those ones feminine oblique demonstrative
Play toi
you disjunctive personal
Play ceci
this here demonstrative that demonstrative this demonstrative
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