Les verbes

Verbs convey actions, occurances, or states of being. They conjugate and combine with other verbs based on person, tense, mood and aspect. In English, verbs like "run" and "be" are two examples.



Play aller
to go
Play partir
to go out to leave
Play voir
to see
Play écouter
to hear to listen
Play salir
to soil
Play comprendre
to comprehend to understand
Play vivre
to live
Play répéter
to repeat
Play oublier
to neglect to forget
Play avoir
to get to own to hold to possess to have
Play vendre
to sell
Play commencer
to begin to commence to start
Play falloir
to have to to be necessary
Play déjeuner
to lunch
Play prendre
to catch to bring to have to take
Play jouer
to play
Play laver
to wash to clean
Play trouver
to find
Play dîner
dinner France lunch Canada lunch Belgium to have dinner France
Play chanter
to chant to sing
Play prononcer
to pronounce
Play vouloir
to will to want
Play clore
to conclude to end to close
Play manger
to eat
Play regarder
to concern to look at to watch
Play asseoir
to sit down
Play peigner
to brush to comb
Play éteindre
to extinguish to blow out to turn off to put out
Play répondre
to respond to answer to reply
Play dormir
to sleep
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