Demonstrative Adjectives

Les adjectifs démonstratifs



Demonstratives are words like "this" and "that" which are used in place of articles to refer to specific nouns. In French they must agree with the gender and number of the nouns they modify.

Unlike English, French does not distinguish between "this" and "that" but has only one word for both. It is generally understood which is meant by the context of the conversation.

If you you wish to specify further or set the context of the conversation you can add -là (there) or -ci (here) after the noun being modified:

ce homme-là
that man there

cette femme-ci
this woman here

ces enfants-là
those children there

Ce as an adjective changes to cet when it comes before a vowel or "h".

If ce is used as a pronoun it contacts to c'.
Play ce
this that
Play cette
this that
Play ces
these those

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