Verbs convey actions, occurances, or states of being. They conjugate and combine with other verbs based on person, tense, mood and aspect. In English, verbs like "run" and "be" are two examples.



Play ser
to be essential
Play dedicar
to dedicate
Play saber
to know
Play comer
to eat
Play trabajar
to work
Play escribir
to write
Play entender
to understand
Play contar
to recount to tell to count
Play pedir
to ask for to order
Play tener
to take hold of to possess to have to to have
Play llamar
to be named to call
Play conocer
to be familiar with to know
Play poder
to be allowed to be able
Play gustar
to like to please
Play placer
to pleasure to please
Play testigar
to testify, bear witness
Play repetir
to repeat
Play oír
to hear
Play beber
to drink
Play ir
to go
Play tomar
to take to drink
Play hacer
to make to do
Play pronunciar
to pronounce
Play querer
to want
Play almorzar
to have lunch to lunch
Play ayudar
to help
Play venir
to come
Play haber
to have to (must) to have
Play gustarse
to please to like
Play acabar
to conclude to complete to finish
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