Pronouns act as substitutes for nouns (or noun phrases) already understood by the context of the conversation. Like nouns they can serve as the subject of a clause or the object of a verb or preposition. In English words like "I", "him" and "hers" are some examples.



Play yo
I nominative personal
Play él
he nominative personal he disjunctive personal
Play nosotros
we masculine nominative personal we masculine disjunctive personal
Play vosotros
you all masculine informal nominative personal Spain you all masculine informal disjunctive personal Spain
Play ustedes
you all formal nominative personal you all formal disjunctive personal
Play ella
her disjunctive personal she nominative personal
Play ellos
they masculine nominative personal them masculine disjunctive personal
Play vosotras
you all nominative personal Spain you all disjunctive personal Spain
Play los
them masculine accusative personal you masculine plural formal accusative personal
Play la
her accusative personal it feminine accusative personal
Play nosotras
we feminine nominative personal we feminine disjunctive personal
Play ellas
they feminine nominative personal them feminine disjunctive personal
Play las
them feminine accusative personal you feminine plural formal accusative personal
Play vuestro
yours masculine singular informal genitive possessive
Play éste
this masculine demonstrative
Play cuándo
when interrogative
Play nuestro
ours masculine singular genitive possessive
Play me
me accusative personal myself personal me dative personal
Play lo
him accusative personal it masculine accusative personal
me disjunctive personal
Play cuál
which interrogative
Play ésta
this feminine demonstrative
Play mío
mine masculine singular genitive possessive
Play se
himself accusative personal herself accusative personal itself accusative personal yourself formal accusative personal yourselves formal accusative personal themselves accusative personal
Play qué
what interrogative which interrogative
Play ése
that masculine near listener, far from speaker demonstrative
Play tuyo
yours masculine singular informal genitive possessive
Play te
you singular informal accusative personal you singular informal dative personal
Play aquél
that masculine far demonstrative
Play éstas
these feminine demonstrative
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