Adverbs modify or qualify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Typically they answer questions like based on when, where, how, in what way, and to what extent. In English, words like "slowly" and "quickly" are two examples.



Play no
Play después
next afterwards later then after
Play cuánto
how many interrogative how much interrogative
Play cuándo
when interrogative
Play lentamente
Play cómo
how interrogative
Play cerca
nearby around near close
Play ahorita
right now Mexico
Play aquí
right here here
Play antes
previously before
Play entonces
Play allí
at that time then there there far
Play acá
over here here around here
Play acerca
concerning about
Play atrás
after behind back
Play fuera
abroad away outside out
Play delante
opposite facing ahead in front
Play adentro
inside of indoors in inward
Play encima
moreover over on top of above
Play afuera
outside of out-doors out outside
Play detrás
after back behind
Play dentro
in within inside
Play durante
Play porfis
please Mexico
Play enfrente
opposite facing in front
Play menos
minus fewer least less
Play por qué
why interrogative
Play más
more most plus
Play luego
therefore afterwards then later
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