Subject Pronouns

Les pronoms sujets



Also called personal pronouns, French subject pronouns tell you who is doing the action of a sentence.

They are especially important in French because the conjugation of verbs changes depending on the subject.

In English, subject pronouns are words such as "you", "we" and "it".

French, however, is slightly more complicated because of its use of formality. For example tu is the informal word for "you". However, in formal address the word vous, the plural, is used. So, when speaking to a social superior, such as a professor, or to a group of people, you use vous, but among friends, family or children, use tu.
Singular First-person
Play je
Play tu
you informal
Play il
he it masculine
Play elle
she it feminine
Play on
one you impersonal
Plural First-person
Play nous
Play vous
you all you formal
Play ils
they masculine they neuter
Play elles
they feminine

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