Introduction: Elzie Janse van Rensburg
Elzie Janse van Rensburg
Introduction: Leigh Limbrick
Leigh Limbrick
Introduction: Ingrid Gabriela Papa
Ingrid Gabriela Papa
Introduction: Ellen Barreiros
Ellen Barreiros
Introduction: Catharina Genis
Catharina Genis
Introduction: Christopher Merrifield
Christopher Merrifield
Introduction: Ivanda Pavlovska
Ivanda Pavlovska
Введение: seda
Introduction: Alicia Barbitta
Alicia Barbitta
Introduction: Jelena Bjekovic
Jelena Bjekovic
Introduction: Jelena Bjekovic
Jelena Bjekovic
Introdução: Debora
Introduction: Kirsty Slimming
Kirsty Slimming
Introduction: Louise Cartmill
Louise Cartmill
Introduction: David Gilbey
David Gilbey
Introduction: Zara Amirzade
Zara Amirzade
Introduction: Ben Correa
Ben Correa
Introduction: Jennifer DeHart
Jennifer DeHart
Introducción: Suzana
How are contractions used in Spanish?
Michelle Mojica Stevenson
Introducción: Alycia Barbieri
Alycia Barbieri
Introduction: Richard Kievich
Richard Kievich
Introduction: Vladimir Miljkovic
Vladimir Miljkovic
Introduction: Karina Starnes
Karina Starnes
Introdução: Guanayra Dias
Guanayra Dias
Introduction: Yolanda Fana
Yolanda Fana
Introduction: Fatma Deli Chasan
Fatma Deli Chasan
Introduction: Paulina Borg
Paulina Borg
Introduction: Amila James
Amila James
Introduction: Charlene Williams
Charlene Williams
Introduction: Lani AZOTEA
Introducción: Samuel Gonzalez Sanchez
Samuel Gonzalez Sanchez
Introduction: Lexi A
Lexi A
Introduction: Ewesse Rudolf Njie
Ewesse Rudolf Njie
Introduction: Simon Hatton
Simon Hatton
Introduction: Matthew Hanson
Matthew Hanson
Introduction: Roberto Carlos Hernández Villaseñor
Roberto Carlos Hernández Villaseñor
Introducción: Julieth Noguera
Julieth Noguera
How do you say “where is the bathroom” in Spanish?
Michelle Mojica Stevenson
Introduction: Dmytro Kolodiazhnyi
Dmytro Kolodiazhnyi
Introduction: Abdeladim Benali
Abdeladim Benali
Introducción: Jeniffer Hung
Jeniffer Hung
Introduction: Jeniffer Hung
Jeniffer Hung
Introduction: Rana Tarek
Rana Tarek
Introdução: Ellie Tate
Ellie Tate
Introdução: Yuri Alexsandro da Silva Moura
Yuri Alexsandro da Silva Moura
Introduction: Shane Garrison
Shane Garrison
Introduction: Andrew M Sparks
Andrew M Sparks
Introduction: Jason Bainbridge
Jason Bainbridge
Introduction: mandie tyler
mandie tyler
Introduction: binukumar kumar
binukumar kumar
Introduction: Thebeetsile Trevor Molatlhegi
Thebeetsile Trevor Molatlhegi
Introduction: Chillynya Crocker
Chillynya Crocker
Introduction: Noelli Lemes Garcia
Noelli Lemes Garcia
Introduction: Tony M Arellano M
Tony M Arellano M
Introduction: Paul Jeffrey Martin
Paul Jeffrey Martin
Introduction: Jennifer Hobbs
Jennifer Hobbs
Introduction: David Punter
David Punter
Introduction: Steven Kight
Steven Kight
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre las expresiones "Good Evening" y "Good Afternoon"?
Nargués Aghazadeh Valderrama
Introduction: mariam
Introducción: RAQUEL
Introduction: Philip Anthony Lujan
Philip Anthony Lujan
Introduction: Gordon Seiler
Gordon Seiler
Introducción: Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera
Introduction: James Murray
James Murray
Introduction: Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva
Introduction: Luis Gómez
Luis Gómez
Introducción: Jorge Marin
Jorge Marin
Introduction: Nargués Aghazadeh Valderrama
Nargués Aghazadeh Valderrama
Introduction: Tronell Lessing
Tronell Lessing
Introduction: Beverley Kemp
Beverley Kemp
Introducción: RAQUEL
Введение: Tatyana Babenko
Tatyana Babenko
Introduction: Danilo Alencar
Danilo Alencar
Introduction: Colleen Pienaar
Colleen Pienaar
Introduction: Anisa Saif
Anisa Saif
Introdução: Alexis Snow
Alexis Snow
Introduction: Ronald Lubin
Ronald Lubin
Introduction: Melody Brocke
Melody Brocke
Introduction: Precious Williams
Precious Williams
Introducción: Enrique Gomez
Enrique Gomez
Introduction: Tania Quiros
Tania Quiros
Introduction: Andrew Scribner
Andrew Scribner
Introduction: Maria Fernanda Rivera Albinagorta
Maria Fernanda Rivera Albinagorta
Introdução: Lorena Torsani
Lorena Torsani
Introduction: Sera Fernandez
Sera Fernandez
Introduction: Stefano Enepi
Stefano Enepi
Introduction: Nasiba Babadjanova
Nasiba Babadjanova
Introduction: Michelle Mojica Stevenson
Michelle Mojica Stevenson
Introduction: Pierre Roux
Pierre Roux
Introduction: Liza Espiritu Tumon
Liza Espiritu Tumon
Introduction: Guillermo Suarez Pizarro
Guillermo Suarez Pizarro
Introduction: Michiko Shimada
Michiko Shimada
Introduction: Rebecca Macgregor
Rebecca Macgregor
Introduction: Olga Leshchinskaia
Olga Leshchinskaia
Introduction: Sadika Dedic
Sadika Dedic
Introduction: aaron adamson
aaron adamson
Introduction: Rogielyn Manuel
Rogielyn Manuel
Introduction: Melanie Nicolas
Melanie Nicolas
Introduction: Sarina Small
Sarina Small
Introduction: Aminu kabiru
Aminu kabiru
Introduction: daphne zvavamwe
daphne zvavamwe
Introduction: Ronelyn B. Weekley
Ronelyn B. Weekley
Introduction: Alexander Banks
Alexander Banks
Introduction: Mabel Ruby Groenendijk
Mabel Ruby Groenendijk
Why is German called "Deutsch" in German, while Dutch is called "Niederländer"? Why do some Romance languages seem to use a different root word, like "Alemán" in Spanish and "Allemand" in French?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Christopher Jhon Edwin Y. Mañago
Christopher Jhon Edwin Y. Mañago
Introduction: Curtissa Ijeoma Odi
Curtissa Ijeoma Odi
Introduction: Angel Guevara
Angel Guevara
Introduction: Anny L
Anny L
Introduction: Djeordjeta Draksin
Djeordjeta Draksin
How do I know when to use Akkusativ and when to use Dativ? Is there a rule?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Malika ouakouz
Malika ouakouz
Introduction: Edmar Azurin
Edmar Azurin
Quando uso -ies no fim do verbo em inglês e por que?
Nayane Bremm
Introdução: Irán Olivé
Irán Olivé
Introdução: Lúcio Júnio
Lúcio Júnio
Introduction: Lúcio Júnio
Lúcio Júnio
Introducción: Joe Gatto
Joe Gatto
Introduction: Belinda Moyo
Belinda Moyo
Introduction: Indiraloshnee Rama
Indiraloshnee Rama
Introduction: David Schmill
David Schmill
What are some ways of saying “I'm hungry” and “I’m thirsty” in Spanish?
Sheila Pistolesi
O que sao os verbos modais em inglês? Por que eles sao diferentes dos outros verbos?
Nayane Bremm
How do I use the present continuous in German? For example, phrases like "I am studying German now" or "They are talking to me"
Nayane Bremm
How do you pronounce an Umlaut (ä, ö, ü) in German?
Nayane Bremm
What are the different ways of saying “welcome” in Italian?
How do you order red wine in Italian?
What are the easy ways to understand and speak Korean language?
Young Kim
When do you use "mi dispiace" and "mi scusi"? What's the difference?
What is a glottal stop?
Young Kim
What's the difference between "tu" and "Lei"?
Why do ラ (ra), リ (ri), ル (ru), レ (re) and ロ (ro) sometimes sound like they begin with a /d/ sound? And why are they used sometimes for an /l/ sound?
Yuuki Takanishi
How many letters (or symbols) are in the Japanese language?
Yuuki Takanishi
What is the difference between とうも (doumo) and ありがとう (arigatou)?
Yuuki Takanishi
Por que as vogais em coreano não tem mesmo significado que o Português?
Young Kim
Como fala "bom dia", "boa tarde", e "boa noite" em coreano?
Young Kim
When does the consonant "ㄹ" make an /l/ sound and when does it make an /r/ sound?
Young Kim
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la pronunciación de woman-women y man-men?
Nayane Bremm
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre usar fine y good? Es válido decir: i'm good, we're good, it's fine?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: David Daniels
David Daniels
Introduction: Yuuki Takanishi
Yuuki Takanishi
Introduction: Gavin Ramaswami
Gavin Ramaswami
Como faço para aprender fluente a língua coreana?
Young Kim
Introduction: Naomi Nel
Naomi Nel
Cual es la diferencia entre la vocal 어 (eo) y la vocal 오 (o)?
Young Kim
What are some common social faux-pas that English speakers make in Spanish-speaking countries?
Nayane Bremm
What's the difference between "qué onda", "qué tal" and "qué pasa"? Don't they all means "what's up" in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Ainhoa Rangel
Ainhoa Rangel
Introduction: Young Kim
Young Kim
What are some fruits and vegetables that have different names in different countries, like palta (Chile) vs aguacate (Mexico)?
Nayane Bremm
How do you say "American", as in someone (or something) from the United States, in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
¿Como se dice “hola” in coreano?
Young Kim
¿Porqué el inglés no tiene equivalente a lo formal "Usted"?
Nayane Bremm
What is the difference between "a" and "á" in Portuguese?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Nadia Ferraro
Nadia Ferraro
Why does it seem like Portuguese uses definite articles more often than other languages like Spanish and English?
Nayane Bremm
Why does the definite article "o" sometimes come before the "que"?
Nayane Bremm
What are some ways of saying “I'm hungry” and “I’m thirsty” in Spanish?
Nayane Bremm
Introducción: Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez
¿Cuál es la différencia entre "lastname" o "surname"?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Matheus Bueno
Matheus Bueno
¿Debo usar "could" o "can" para hacer preguntas?
Nayane Bremm
In Korea why do you have so many informal and formal ways of saying things?
Young Kim
What is the difference between the nominative personal pronoun and the personal pronoun? When do we use the personal pronoun?
Nayane Bremm
What's the difference between "du" and "Sie"?
Nayane Bremm
¿Cuál es la diferencia entre “Gute nacht”, “Guten abend” y “Gutenachmittag”?
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Einführung: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Jean Arevalo
Jean Arevalo
Introdução: Michelle Archer da Silva
Michelle Archer da Silva
Introdução: Nayane Bremm
Nayane Bremm
Introduction: Gabe Consiglio
Gabe Consiglio
Why does Korean have two sets of numbers? Native and Chinese?
Young Kim
Introduction: Kyle Russouw
Kyle Russouw
Introduction: Trilliann Pinnock
Trilliann Pinnock
Introduction: David Ewen
David Ewen
Introduction: Margaret Beulah Ashton-Jackson
Margaret Beulah Ashton-Jackson
Introduction: Sheila
Introduction: Jean Arevalo
Jean Arevalo
Introduction: Dana Ayers
Dana Ayers
Introduction: victor oriaku
victor oriaku
Introduzione: Silvia
Introducción: Jazmine Sotil
Jazmine Sotil
Introduction: Nelly J Garcia-Rangel
Nelly J Garcia-Rangel
Introduction: Andrew Repas
Andrew Repas
Introduction: Celine Alava
Celine Alava
Introduction: Daniel Delgado-Cruz
Daniel Delgado-Cruz
Introdução: Cheyenne Wickham
Cheyenne Wickham
Introduction: Noel
What is the difference between "marhaban" and "marhaba"?
Introduction: Jelena Milcic
Jelena Milcic
Introduction: Stephanie Sun
Stephanie Sun
Introdução: Eduarda maria moreira santos
Eduarda maria moreira santos
Introduction: Nishula Halai
Nishula Halai
Introduction: Christine Hargan
Christine Hargan
Introduction: Mabrene Barr
Mabrene Barr
Introduction: Diana Stukan
Diana Stukan
Introduction: Joseph Bobo
Joseph Bobo
Introduction: Stephen Hamill
Stephen Hamill
Introduction: Kenneth Maxwell
Kenneth Maxwell
Introduction: CHISOM ARINZE
Introduction: Aaron Paul O. Paquit
Aaron Paul O. Paquit
Introdução: Bobby Bradshaw
Bobby Bradshaw
Introduction: Nikola Djurovic
Nikola Djurovic
Introduction: Jaime Askew
Jaime Askew
Introduction: Annie Nader
Annie Nader
Introduction: Hope Ward
Hope Ward
Introduction: Chloé van Ginsbergen
Chloé van Ginsbergen
Introduction: Tammenic Marques
Tammenic Marques
Introduction: Paula Sousa Breytenbach
Paula Sousa Breytenbach
Introduction: Gwendolyn Kirkpatrick
Gwendolyn Kirkpatrick
Introduction: Erica M Zacharie
Erica M Zacharie
Introduction: Emmanuel Adiatu
Emmanuel Adiatu
Introduction: Marlize
Introduction: Aleksandra Andonovic
Aleksandra Andonovic
Introdução: Alicia Raquel Cjajet
Alicia Raquel Cjajet
Introduction: Sanja
Introdução: Christopher Dickinson
Christopher Dickinson
Introduction: keith hanlon
keith hanlon
Introduction: Anna Turner
Anna Turner
Introduction: John Furgerson III
John Furgerson III
Introduction: Samuel Sampaio
Samuel Sampaio
Introduction: Shahab Roshankar
Shahab Roshankar
Introduzione: Dina Hasimbegovic
Dina Hasimbegovic
Introduction: Siobhan Theunissen
Siobhan Theunissen
Introduction: Daniel
Introduction: Lesiba
Introduction: Adriane Pinheiro
Adriane Pinheiro
Introduction: karen nwoke
karen nwoke
Introduction: Yaroslav Shumeyko
Yaroslav Shumeyko
Introduction: Amanda Schneider
Amanda Schneider
Introduction: Vanessa
Introduction: Ivana Djokic
Ivana Djokic
Introduction: Ana Julia Martins
Ana Julia Martins
Introduction: David Raines
David Raines
Introduction: fred
Introduction: Mykhailo Moskvichov
Mykhailo Moskvichov
Introduction: Oladepo Ezekiel Kolayemi
Oladepo Ezekiel Kolayemi
Introduction: cyprain
Introducción: Gabriela Gouveia
Gabriela Gouveia
Introduction: Bianca Souza
Bianca Souza
When I listen to the pronunciation of the word 'oui' and it sounds like 'we'. I often hear on radio and in particular films what I assume means yes but sounds more like 'way'. Is there a difference?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Jesse Cole Rivera
Jesse Cole Rivera
Introduction: George Cuda
George Cuda
Introduction: Lisa
Introduction: Marvin Chua
Marvin Chua
Introdução: Ingrid Song
Ingrid Song
Introduction: Ingrid Song
Ingrid Song
Introduction: Maelle Jayet
Maelle Jayet
Introduction: Mauricio Cardona
Mauricio Cardona
Introduction: Marie
Introduction: Olga Mukhina
Olga Mukhina
Introduction: Sarah Veldman
Sarah Veldman
What are the rules for using the imperative in French?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Rachel Shawe
Rachel Shawe
Introduction: Luqmaan
Introduction: Muhammad Imran Khan
Muhammad Imran Khan
Introdução: Gutemberg Leonel
Gutemberg Leonel
Introduction: Gutemberg Leonel
Gutemberg Leonel
Introduction: Serena D McCulloch
Serena D McCulloch
Introduction: Harvey Dienye
Harvey Dienye
Introduction: Nosipho Masitha
Nosipho Masitha
Introduction: Pauline Erika Labarda
Pauline Erika Labarda
Introduction: Lerato
Introduction: Jack
Introduction: Eduardo Miró Quesada
Eduardo Miró Quesada
Introduction: Azeal Randall
Azeal Randall
Introduction: Nadine
Introduction: Onyeke Stanley Chiedozie
Onyeke Stanley Chiedozie
Spanish is spoken as it is spelled (phonetically), but what are some good rules for better pronunciation?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Dorothea Crainic
Dorothea Crainic
Introduction: Ashley Provost
Ashley Provost
Introduction: Lidia D Andrade
Lidia D Andrade
Introduction: Syed Muhammad Abdullah
Syed Muhammad Abdullah
¿Cómo puedo aprender a hacer los sonidos nasales en francés?
Lucas Coffy
Introduction: Jake
Introdução: Gabriel Afonso Molon
Gabriel Afonso Molon
Introduction: Nicole Lewis
Nicole Lewis
Introduction: Caio Silva
Caio Silva
Introduction: Professor David Bruce
Professor David Bruce
Introduction: Khaalied
Introduction: Majda Catic
Majda Catic
Introducción: Mario Renato
Mario Renato
Introducción: Safa Gün
Safa Gün
Introduction: Iaroslav Volfson
Iaroslav Volfson
Introduction: Tashika Imhontu
Tashika Imhontu
Introduction: Teniade medupin
Teniade medupin
Introduction: Lerentia Basson
Lerentia Basson
Introduction: Tariro (Hope)
Tariro (Hope)
Introduction: Lauren Macrae
Lauren Macrae
Introduction: James Dudley
James Dudley
Introduction: Katherine Francisco
Katherine Francisco
Introduction: Magie
Introduction: Rumbi M
Rumbi M
Introdução: Claudilaine Pires Rodrigues
Claudilaine Pires Rodrigues
Introduction: hillary van wyngaardt
hillary van wyngaardt
Introduction: Muhammad W. Hassan
Muhammad W. Hassan
Introduction: Amanda Bermudez
Amanda Bermudez
Introduction: Tanveer Md Masood
Tanveer Md Masood
Introduction: Edward Abrahams
Edward Abrahams
Why are there masculine and feminine words in Spanish?
Sheila Pistolesi
Introduction: Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Glenn Emerson Maxwell
Introduction: Lily Vougiouklis
Lily Vougiouklis
Introduction: Irina Alvarado
Irina Alvarado
Introducción: Sheila Pistolesi
Sheila Pistolesi
Introduction: Carrie Eastman
Carrie Eastman
Introduction: Catrina Barbara Binondo
Catrina Barbara Binondo
Introduction: Lori Or
Lori Or
Introduction: Peter Antony Clarke
Peter Antony Clarke
Introduction: Mathieu Reboul-Salze
Mathieu Reboul-Salze
Introduction: Rona Cortez
Rona Cortez
Introduction: Rona Cortez
Rona Cortez
Introduction: Charles Evenou
Charles Evenou
Introduction: Charles Evenou
Charles Evenou
Introduction: Vimi Karnik
Vimi Karnik
Introduction: Jerry Doran
Jerry Doran
Introduction: Gavoy Small
Gavoy Small
Introduction: Gloria Cho
Gloria Cho
Introduction: Pete
Introduction: Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
Introduction: Victor Simon A. Nicolas
Victor Simon A. Nicolas
Introduction: Andrea Castro Roche
Andrea Castro Roche
Introduction: Khaled Aboelwafa
Khaled Aboelwafa
Introduction: Leonah Pona
Leonah Pona
Introduction: Clare Scanlan
Clare Scanlan
Introduction: Ria Chriselle Torres
Ria Chriselle Torres
Введение: Daria Rumyantseva
Daria Rumyantseva
Introduction: Daria Rumyantseva
Daria Rumyantseva
Introduction: Lyra Arrabis
Lyra Arrabis
What are the rules for using the different words for hello, Здравствуйте and Привет? What about До свидания and Пока?
Michele Whaley
Introduction: Natasha Williams
Natasha Williams
Introduction: Eamonn Corcoran
Eamonn Corcoran
Introduction: Maxine Gill
Maxine Gill
Introduction: winfred jones
winfred jones
Introduction: Zizi El
Zizi El
What's the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers in Arabic?
What’s the difference between masculine and feminine numbers in Arabic? Do both men and women say both?
How do you write bigger numbers like 40, 65 or 144 using Arabic-Indic numerals?
How do you say times like 7:20 in Arabic?
What's a good way for a native English speaker to learn to hear and pronounce the differences between the emphatic and non-emphatic consonants?
What are the isolated form of Arabic letters used for?
Introduction: mauxi caraballo
mauxi caraballo
Introduction: luc hébert
luc hébert
What is the difference between ط (Taa) and ت (taa) in Arabic?
Introduction: Mitch Illston
Mitch Illston
Introduction: Alena Halavina
Alena Halavina
Einführung: Madeline Elsen
Madeline Elsen
Introduction: Madeline Elsen
Madeline Elsen
Einführung: Danica Stojanovic
Danica Stojanovic
Introduction: Jaclyn Calvert
Jaclyn Calvert
Introduction: Yvette Morin - Abad
Yvette Morin - Abad
Introduction: Jesús Horacio Báez Ávila
Jesús Horacio Báez Ávila
What's the difference between "ser" and "estar" in Portuguese?
Prof Renato
What's the difference between "ser" and "estar" in Portuguese?
Ludmila B.
Introduction: Ludmila B.
Ludmila B.
Introduction: Ma. Genica Carlos
Ma. Genica Carlos
Introduction: Anetwency Laban
Anetwency Laban
Introduction: Charlyn Amoin
Charlyn Amoin
Introducción: Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith
Introduction: Diana Carpenter
Diana Carpenter
What are some common greetings in German you would use among friends?
Inga Haas
What's the difference between "esse/essa" and "aquele/aquela"?
Prof Renato
Introduction: Oscar Andrés Outsider
Oscar Andrés Outsider
What is Verlan French?
David B
What's the difference between "Goedemiddag" and "Goedenavond"?
David B
Introduction: Anaiss Ramirez
Anaiss Ramirez
What's the difference between "tú" and "usted"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Delane Si
Delane Si
What's the difference between "Excuse-moi" and "Excusez-moi"?
Amanda Treutler
Qual é a diferença entre Excuse-moi e Excusez-moi?
Prof Renato
What's the difference between "bonne nuit" and "bonne soirée"?
Ale Lorenzo
Qué usos tiene el "on" en francés? Cómo se distingue de tu y vous?
Ale Lorenzo
Does the word "salut" mean "hello" or "goodbye"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Wella Fernandez
Wella Fernandez
Introduction: Susanna Roberson
Susanna Roberson
Introduction: Csongor Máthé
Csongor Máthé
Introduction: Mark Wickham
Mark Wickham
Introduction: Francis Giuliana Chirino Romero
Francis Giuliana Chirino Romero
Introduction: Nurene Jassiem
Nurene Jassiem
Introduction: Carolina Sandoval
Carolina Sandoval
Introduction: Irfan Nurkovic
Irfan Nurkovic
Introduction: Esmaiel Rezapour
Esmaiel Rezapour
Introduction: Amanda Treutler
Amanda Treutler
Introduction: Inga Haas
Inga Haas
Introducción: likel vilain
likel vilain
Introducción: María del Pilar López Campero
María del Pilar López Campero
Introduction: Cory Cotten
Cory Cotten
Introduction: Benett Barron
Benett Barron
Introduction: Patricia Green
Patricia Green
Introduction: Ronald Dwayne Scott
Ronald Dwayne Scott
Introduction: Chris T.
Chris T.
Introduction: Marwa Mousa
Marwa Mousa
Introduction: Karla Kristic
Karla Kristic
Introduction: Cha-Marie Pienaar
Cha-Marie Pienaar
Introducción: Gabriel Contreras
Gabriel Contreras
Introduction: Petar Markovic
Petar Markovic
Introduction: Nataschja Ferreira
Nataschja Ferreira
Introduction: Matheus Costa
Matheus Costa
Introdução: Matheus Costa
Matheus Costa
Introduction: Samir Kopić
Samir Kopić
Introducción: Yhoharett Andino
Yhoharett Andino
What's the difference between "bueno" and "bien" in Spanish?
Ale Lorenzo
What's the difference between "Bonsoir" and "Bonne soirée" in French?
Ale Lorenzo
Why are there seven vowels in Korean when English only has five?
Amy Hwang
How long does it take to learn Spanish?
Ale Lorenzo
Why does Korean have two sets of numbers? Native and Chinese?
Amy Hwang
How do you say "have a good day" in Spanish?
Ale Lorenzo
What are some cool ways that young people might greet their friends besides the usual "ni hao"?
XoKo Yu
Introduction: Nedeljko Abadzic
Nedeljko Abadzic
What's the difference between "malo" and "mal"?
Ale Lorenzo
Introduction: Ale Lorenzo
Ale Lorenzo
How do you say "have a good day" in Spanish?
Karem M.
Introduction: Guilherme Ribeiro
Guilherme Ribeiro
Introduction: Taiwanda Bason
Taiwanda Bason
Introduction: Ali Shaaban
Ali Shaaban
Introduction: Mathieu Chatelain
Mathieu Chatelain
How do you say "I will miss you a lot" in Chinese?
XoKo Yu
In Western culture, we can nod our heads up-and-down for "yes" and shake them left-and-right for "no". Does Chinese have anything similar, or do they do the same thing? Are there other gestures for "yes" and "no"?
XoKo Yu
Introduction: Anne Purcell
Anne Purcell
Introducción: Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Introdução: Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Introduction: Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Hernán Rodrigo Asalgado Cárdenas
Introduction: Katrina King
Katrina King
Introduction: Samuel Jenne
Samuel Jenne
Introduction: XoKo Yu
XoKo Yu
Why are there so many ways to "hello" and "good-bye" in Korean?
Amy Hwang
Introduction: Chris Koffi Holifield
Chris Koffi Holifield
Introduction: Jubal Creech
Jubal Creech
Introduction: Laura Barros
Laura Barros
Introduction: Julia Hues
Julia Hues
How do you say "this is cool" in Spanish?
Karem M.
Introduction: Sarah Barkoczi
Sarah Barkoczi
Introduction: Laís Viana
Laís Viana
How is the R sound in French pronounced?
Aurelie Therouanne
How do you ask when someone's birthday is in Spanish?
Karem M.
What's the difference between "disculpa", "disculpe", "perdón" "permiso"?
Karem M.
Introduction: Angelica Brasil
Angelica Brasil
"Bonjour" means "hello", right? Why can't you say it at night?
Aurelie Therouanne
Introduction: Elise Nantois
Elise Nantois
Introduction: Daria Livshitc
Daria Livshitc
Em que situação devo usar o pronome "on"? Algum exemplo?
Prof Renato
Is there a difference between the language of South Korean and North Korea?
Amy Hwang
Introducción: Sylvia Molnar
Sylvia Molnar
Introduction: Angelo Menezes
Angelo Menezes
Introduction: Karim Mohamed Mabrouk
Karim Mohamed Mabrouk
Introduction: Lucas Coffy
Lucas Coffy
Introduction: Karim Mohamed Mabrouk
Karim Mohamed Mabrouk
Introduction: Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson
Introduction: Amy Hwang
Amy Hwang
Introduction: Blanca Tutora
Blanca Tutora
Introduction: Patrícia Queiroz
Patrícia Queiroz
What's the difference between "vous" and "tu"?
Aurelie Therouanne
Introduction: Tim Berendse
Tim Berendse
What's the difference between telling someone "te quiero" and "te amo"? Don't they both mean "I love you"?
Karem M.
Why do people say both "¿qué hora son?" and "¿qué hora es?" to ask what time it is?
Karem M.
What's the difference between "você" and "tu"?
Guilherme Ribeiro
Introduction: Roberto Baruch
Roberto Baruch
Introduction: Claudia Hernandes
Claudia Hernandes
Introduction: Rostand Bismarck
Rostand Bismarck
Introduction: Angelo Menezes
Angelo Menezes
Introduction: Matthew T. Carlson
Matthew T. Carlson
Introduction: Eliana Espitia
Eliana Espitia
Introduction: Yon Campuzano Martinez
Yon Campuzano Martinez
Introduction: Yon Campuzano Martinez
Yon Campuzano Martinez
Introduction: Cristina Pettersen Carpio
Cristina Pettersen Carpio
Introduction: Pilar Ortega
Pilar Ortega
Introduction: Prof Renato
Prof Renato
Introduction: Michele Whaley
Michele Whaley
Introduction: Aurelie Therouanne
Aurelie Therouanne
Introduction: Nickolaus Wesley Fabro
Nickolaus Wesley Fabro
Introduction: Bheto Rego
Bheto Rego
Introduction: Romina Arce
Romina Arce
Introduction: Henrique Rodrigues
Henrique Rodrigues
Introduction: Miguel Ángel Domínguez Cuevas
Miguel Ángel Domínguez Cuevas
Introduction: Chumei P
Chumei P
Introduction: Chumei P
Chumei P
Introduction: Gaudre Trainyte
Gaudre Trainyte
Introduction: Karem M.
Karem M.
Introduction: Cruz Alejandra Martinez Antonio
Cruz Alejandra Martinez Antonio
Introduction: valerio cristiano
valerio cristiano
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